Under Eye Hollows and Dark Circles Removal with PRP

Did you know that under eye hollows can be filled without dermal fillers? 

 One of the most overlooked treatments for under eye circles, hollows or eye bags, PRP (Plalet-Rich Plasma)  can naturally rejuvenate skin around the eyes. It acts by stimulating the collagen in your skin to tighten and increase, resulting in an improvement in fine lines, sagging and discoloration. And, with the instant lift and volume, the effect of PRP will be instant, allowing you to look younger and refreshed on the same day! In fact, PRP is one of the least invasive and most effectiv treatments for your under eye circles available.

PRP is a US FDA Approved therapy that is 100% natural, safe and without side effects. I recently treated a patient with Tear Trough correction with 4 sessions of PRP over 4 months.  Platelet Rich Plasma injected to rebuild and fill the hollows under the eyes. 

Under eye bags removal and hollow fill with PRP in NYC 

Under eye bags removal and hollow fill with PRP in NYC 

As you can see teh skin is much smoother and discoloration is gone. Call my office to make an appoitment for PRP teratment.