Preventative Botox? ... Or Not?

One of the frequent questions that I hear from my younger millennial clients, as young as 21, is "Should I get Botox to prevent wrinkles?" My gut says no, and I usually talk these young eager women out of it.

From my years in the aesthetic industry I have learned that your 20's are for getting laser hair removal, chemical peels (for your acne+ PIH) and applying lots of sun block. I hesitate to jump on the preventive Botox bandwagon with these young ladies and the media surrounding this early push. 

I personally have witnessed mature women that have been doing Botox since it was approved 15 years ago and it no longer works, or only for a short period of time. The body builds up antibodies and doesn't recognizre the drug, leading to frustrated patients that can't get rid of their wrinkles anymore. My recommendation for women wanting to know when to start Botox, mid-thirties seems to be a reasonable age, but in the mean time, do your laser treatments and chemical peels to keep your collagen and elastin stimulated. I truly love Botox and Dysport and pray they keep working on me and my clients until the end of time! 

The article below  in vogue is a great add on to this post. 

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