Who is the Beauty Broker?



So how do you chose a Plastic Surgeon? Word of mouth? Customer testimonials and reviews?  I always ask my fellow OR nurses, who would they have do their face, eyes, nose, breasts, liposuction - but not everyone has access to this kind of information. The Plastic Surgeons with the best marketing team and charisma typically find their way to get information in front of consumers, but can you trust their own words?

When I am not treating my patients with laser, injectables and skin rejuvenation treatments,  I am assisting cosmetic plastic surgeons in the operating room. Over the past 4+ years I have worked with multiple plastic surgeons, both seasoned and new and all I can say they are NOT all created equal. With the rise of social media consumers often feel overwhelmed with choices and are presented with unrealistic expectations. The options of procedures is nearly endless with plastic surgeons posting photos and videos. This is where the Beauty Broker comes into action!

This term, Beauty Broker was new to my vocabulary until I met Melinda Farina, a plastic surgery consultant.  Self described as "Medical Aesthetics Advocate, Beauty and Wellness Expert and Coach for Safe Aesthetic Surgery Solutions. Renown international insider to the world of anti-aging, skincare, beauty and aesthetic surgery", she is doing justice to the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry by bringing integrity to a business that has gotten a bad wrap over the years.

The Beauty Broker's job is to educate patients on their own succession of aging, and provide all possible aesthetic solutions and options that would best suit that patient based on location, budget and preferences. 

 Every doctor and specialist cannot be great at everything, a Jack of all trades is a master of none.  Melinda, The Beauty Broker,  keeps a meticulously curated list of the best cosmetic surgeons, and sends clients their way by virtue only of the specific procedures they're most skilled at. In my opinon, The concierge style surgeons with multiple years of experience, refined technique and meticulous attention to detail throughout the process are ALWAYS the ones you want to do your nip and tuck. 

The beauty broker is on the side of the consumer and I really love that! Melinda can be found at BeautyBrokers.com