Cosmelan Pigementation Treatment

Melasma, or facial pigmentation, is a complex condition caused by a combination of sensitive skin, hormones, and sun exposure. Melanin, the primary determinant of skin and hair color, is what causes pigmentation in your skin. If your body produces too much melanin in a given area hyperpigmentation appears. Cosmelan®  is a topical perscription treatment that  initiates “peeling” of the skin, which will leave the skin smooth and dramatically decrease the signs of facial pigmentation. Cosmelan® is a simple and safe treatment with minimal down time. The patient returns three weeks later for a touch-up of Cosmelan® in order to treat any residual pigmentation. To maintain the effects of the procedure and keep the skin clear and pigment-free, an at home skin care regimen is included in the treatment that includes kojic acid, azelaic acid, and Vitamin K. Strict sun avoidance must be maintained throughout the procedure and afterwards in order to avoid pigmentation recurrence.

Cosmelan starts at $800