Why Choose a Nurse Injector?







When deciding to do Dermal fillers or Botox, choosing the right aesthetic injector is a very important decision. These days you can get Botox anywhere: The spa, the salon or even the dentist.  In the U.S., each state governs who can legally administer Botox treatments. Some states allow only licensed physicians to inject Botox.  Examples of exceptions are New York, Florida, Texas, California and Oklahoma where other health care professionals are allowed to treat clients under the supervision of a doctor. People can select an MD,  a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or a Physician Assistant for their anti-aging skin care.  There is no right answer, it is the experience of the practitioner that is monumental. Experience with knowledge of the facial anatomy, an experienced  aesthetic eye, and most importantly experience with practicing safe injections.

Nurses and Physician Assistants are fast rising to the top as  the injectors of choice.  Here are some pros on choosing a nurse injector or a PA assistant:

1. Nurses tend to take their time, listen  and focus on exactly what the patient wants to achieve with each treatment.

2. Nurses and Physician Assistants typically have a more artistic approach and they are also open to learning new techniques and trying new products.  

3. Nurses are more accessible for questions or concerns that come up pre/post procedure than doctors.  

4. Nurses are working with needles all day long, this is literally what they do. Other doctors especially if they are not Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists perform injections only on occasions as they are treating other patients. Because repetition is the key to mastery,  doing the same procedures day in and day out make for excellent patient outcomes. 

While not all Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants are created equal there are hundreds of excellent choices in the field. Do your research, find a referral and enjoy the personal touch a Nurse or PA injector.